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NOTES and explanation of Danish words:
The letter “ø” is a special Danish letter. When translated to other languages it is usually changed to
“oe” (as pronounced) or just “o”.
People with the name “Sorensen” in the USA are actually ancestors of “Sørensen”.
“Søren” and “Sørensen” are very common names in Denmark. “Niels” and “Nielsen” are also very
common names.
A patronymic is a last name based from the farther first name.
In Denmark patronymic were based by adding:
Daughter = “datter” or “dotter” for girls, and
Son = “sen” or “s.n” for boys.
The general use of patronymics was officially ceased by law of 1828, but patronymics was used
anyway to some extend until 1880.
It is not unusual that Danish immigrants in the USA changed their names, or the spelling of their
names to something more Anglo-American.
Søren Nielsen's name in the US will often be changed to Soren Nielson.
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Other translations:
Sogn = parish
Herred = district
Amt = county
Kirkebog = Church book (record).
Daab (dåb) = baptism
Konfirmation = confirming the baptism (usually at the age of approximately 14).
Vielse = marriage
Død = death
Begravelse = burial
Folketælling = census